Monday, September 22, 2008

The Art of Abandoning Hope

Dan Martins from San Joaquin (actually Stockton) reflects on the current House of Bishop's decision.

I am also sad and angry—well, mystified might be a more accurate term—at the tunnel vision of the HOB majority. It is actually doing harm to their own cause. Before they took on the Duncan matter, our bishops took some time to bask in the afterglow of the Lambeth Conference, wherein they made lots of new friends and reached deeper levels of mutual understanding with their episcopal peers from other provinces. So it is incredible to me that they cannot see how their action in deposing Bishop Duncan is likely to be interpreted abroad as a pre-emptive purge of an annoying colleague, convicting a man for what he thinks and plans rather than for what he has done (shades of the film Minority Report), yet another example of TEC's "progressive" juggernaut steamrolling all opposition. Even a lowly parish priest in a backwater small town such as myself knows the truth of the maxim "Perception is reality." How can our purple-shirted friends be so clueless?

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Don Martins left the Diocese of San Joaquin for the less turbulent seas in the Diocese of Northern Indiana. He pastors St Ann's in Warsaw IN whose most recent rector was Kittanning born and All Saints Aliquippa raised (under Christopher Leighton), the Rev Brian Grantz