Saturday, September 27, 2008

Is competence too much to ask from business?

A commentary by The Rev. Tom Ehrich (Episcopal priest in Indianapolis) on leadership and the economy. From the IndyStar.

Yes, I know we are a fallen breed, and the same depravity that dumped toxic waste into streams is polluting our lives now with shoddy merchandise, half-tested drugs and government bailouts. But insulating systems from depravity is just another business challenge, like balancing risk and assessing global competition. Do we lack the will to keep greed and folly away from the helm?

I also know that any human system is never far from jungle rules.

Business thrives on competition, as it should. But we don't seem to evolve. Today's mansions-and-Prada culture shows little advancement from the Gilded Age, which almost wrecked the Republic. We should know by now that unrestrained jousting and personal excess inevitably lead to recession or depression.

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