Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Covering up a cross is not the most offensive thing about Coronation Street

What, I think, is a letter to the editor about the cross cover-up on a British Soap Opera. From the Mirror. My original post is here-


It is now almost socially unacceptable, explains Jeremy Vine, to say you believe in God. He is, of course, talking about this from a professional standpoint. In his private life the Radio 2 and Panorama host is a practising Christian but feels to discuss his beliefs on air would be "destructive".

Presumably Coronation Street producers were thinking along the same lines when they covered up a cross so it didn't feature in Molly and Tyrone's wedding scenes - despite the fact the couple were marrying in an Anglican church.
You know, those establishments where the image of Christ dying on a cross is symbolic of the Christian faith. Corrie now say they made a mistake. But whatever possessed them to do it?

If they're afraid of offending viewers could they please tone down the ludicrously far-fetched sexual shenanigans between barmaid Bev and Lloyd.
That's what I call an unholy alliance.


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