Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crumbling cathedrals saved by £2.6m English Heritage grant

From the London Telegraph-

A total of 23 cathedrals – both Anglican and Roman Catholic – are to benefit from the new round of funding from English Heritage and the Wolfson Foundation, a grant-making charity.
St Paul's in London will receive the maximum single grant of £250,000 for stonework repairs, as will Truro Cathedral in Cornwall which needs work to restore its central spire and tower.
The historic cathedrals in Canterbury and Lincoln will also receive significant funding under the Cathedral Grants Scheme, which began in 1991.

However English Heritage is also providing money to smaller buildings in less-prosperous towns that do not receive as many tourists or worshippers, but which require urgent repairs to leaking roofs and crumbling masonry.

Professor Sir Barry Cunliffe, interim chairman of the Government-funded conservation body, said: "Cathedrals are some of our country's most imposing and beautiful buildings. The excellent craftsmanship demonstrated in these places of worship is something which we must strive to preserve for generations to come. The grants announced today will go some way to helping the custodians of these buildings in this task."

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