Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Neb. diocese suing breakaway parish over property

Here's an update on the dispute in Omaha-

A rift in the U.S. Episcopal Church fueled by theological differences on such topics as homosexuality is playing out in Nebraska, in a district court.

The Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska is suing leaders of a breakaway Omaha parish, asking the Douglas County District Court to declare the diocese the rightful owner of the parish's buildings and property. It argues that the parish exists to carry out the mission of the diocese and national church and when that stops, it is obligated to surrender the property's ownership.

But St. Barnabas Parish leaders argue the diocese has no right to the property and the court doesn't have the authority to interpret ecclesiastical matters. They've asked that the lawsuit be thrown out.

A hearing is set for Wednesday.

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Robert said...

Wow. It is possible that these folks in Nebraska have somehow missed all the court cases? Of course it is another state, so why not give it a go I guess.