Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Stuf in TEC: Indiana

St. Christopher's Episcopal Church holds first service

The final construction phase of St. Christopher's Episcopal Church astonishes Karen Poyser.

The chairwoman of the architectural committee for the Carmel church likes the 65-foot-tall ceiling and the painted ornamental trusses. She also likes the library with its bay window and French doors that open to a memorial garden. Stained-glass windows, she says, reflect a sense of history and a sense of place.

St. Christopher's Episcopal opened a new sanctuary and narthex Sunday at 1402 W. Main St.
The opening celebrates 10 years of planning and hard work, Poyser said.
"We were struggling with trying to balance a great vision with somewhat limited finances," she said. Building in three phases allowed the church to achieve its long-term goal without taking on huge debt.

Poyser called it fortunate that the design lent itself well to building in phases. The complex is divided into three functional elements: worship space, administration and education space and fellowship space.

The main entrance court has a soaring gable and a grand scale gothic portal. There is a separate drive-up entrance for accessibility needs and deliveries.

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