Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma explains his vote on gay issue

From Oklahoma-

The Rt. Rev. Edward Konieczny said he voted against a measure that many people are touting as an effective end to the Episcopal Church USA’s moratorium on openly gay or lesbian bishops.

Konieczny, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma, said he was concerned that people would see the measure called DO25 as a lifting of the ban on gay and lesbian bishops, and he does not think it is.

He said DO25 was a statement about the ordination process and that recent news headlines and broadcasts proclaiming it as an end to the moratorium are "rather inaccurate.”
"As we understand, that moratorium is in effect until such time as a vote takes place that changes that,” Konieczny said during a recent telephone interview.

"As we understand it, until such time as the House of Bishops and standing committees confirm somebody who is in an openly gay or lesbian relationship, that moratorium continues to be in effect.”

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