Wednesday, July 22, 2009

US vote ‘not a snub to Archbishop of Canterbury

From Religous Intelligence-

The US General Convention’s endorsement of gay bishops and blessings and the sharp cut in funding for the Anglican Consultative Council was not a calculated snub of the Archbishop of Canterbury or the Anglican Communion, but an honest statement of the Episcopal Church’s economic and theological realities, bishops and deputies tell Religious Intelligence.

On July 15, the Church endorsed a new three-year budget that included a one-third cut in its contribution to the ACC --- from $600,000 to $400,000 per year, while the House of Bishops gave their approval to the “local option” for same-sex blessings.

Deputy Sally Johnson of Minnesota said the votes on gay bishops and blessings were an “honest” statement of the church’s views on these questions. “It is difficult to have deep meaningful conversation” within the Anglican Communion “without honesty,” she said.

The Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams “told us to be truthful” on July 8. “We were,” Ms Johnson said.

The votes were “not at all a walking apart” from the Communion, San Diego Bishop James Mathes said, and the budget cuts represented the “economic reality of the church.”

Oklahoma Bishop Edward Konieczny added the ACC reduction was not part of “targeted cut,” as the church’s budget had been cut “across the board.” The gay bishops and blessings votes stated “who we are as a church.” The Episcopal Church had “crossed over into a position of vulnerability” with the wider Anglican Communion, and the bishops believed that by these votes “an invitation had been extended to walk with us,” Dr Konieczny said.

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