Friday, July 24, 2009

Pat Robertson will shed no tears if Episcopals fold

Ok now Pat Robertson has weighed in and we can all go home-

Pat Robertson, televangelist and gay hater will not shed a tear if the Episcopal Church folds. Not that anyone is expecting the church to fold, but on Christian Broadcasting Network's 700 Club he said the following. (From On Top magazine)

“They have lost their way. They were taken over by this controversy having to do with same-sex marriage and the ordination of homosexual bishops. Once they got into that morass and lost their way from scriptural teaching, they didn't have much denomination left.

“There is a very vibrant denomination coming along, it is called the American Anglican Church, and thousands of people are moving toward it. It's amazing that their presiding bishop is from Rwanda. But nevertheless, they are filled with the flame of the Holy Spirit and we congratulate them.

“And there will be no tears in my life if the Episcopal Church of America just quietly goes out of business.”

I hope the American Anglican Church does not consider Pat Robertson's endorsement a feather in their cap.

More here- (if you dare)

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