Thursday, August 13, 2009

Become a fan of the Episcopal Church on Facebook

From Episcopal Life Online-

Madison Avenue has long known that word of mouth is the best advertising – a truth regularly played out on Facebook, the popular online social networking site.
Brandon Mozingo, 32, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, became a fan of the Episcopal Church on Facebook after noticing a friend became a fan. The same with Ann Redmond, 54, of Tallahassee, Florida, a member of St. John's Episcopal Church and a singer in the choir.

As of August 12 the 2.2 million-member Episcopal Church had 6,950 Facebook fans, and another 841 people follow the Episcopal Church on Twitter, the social network/micro-blogging online instant messenger.

The Episcopal Church created a Facebook presence in early 2009 and began sending "tweets" via Twitter in April. Initially the Facebook page saw a huge spike in fans, but adding new fans now trends toward gradual growth. Tweets from the recent 76th General Convention ( in July in Anaheim, California, spiked the number of followers on Twitter, said web producer Barry Merer.

(The Office of Communication's Media Hub website, with links to Facebook and Twitter, and Episcopal Life Online carried comprehensive online coverage of General Convention.)

Elizabeth Apgar Triano, 45, of Patterson, New York, became a fan through Episcopal Café, an online source of aggregated Episcopal news, blogs, visual arts and spiritual readings produced by the Diocese of Washington.

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