Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good Stuff in TEC: Washington DC

From The Washington Post-

Parishioners Plant Seeds Of Compassion, Learning

From a church rector's vision sprouts a garden, which, in turn,

yields opportunities for teachable moments for neighbors in need.

One day last summer, the Rev. Stephanie Nagley noticed that the vast, green lawn in front of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Bethesda had potential.

She imagined a lush garden, ripe with vegetables, where members of the church could have an outdoor sanctuary to gather, work and give to the needy.

This spring, her idea grew into the LOVE Garden, or Luke's Organic Vegetable Enterprise, by way of loving hands (and a tiller, fertilizer and lots of volunteers working hard to make arid ground arable).

Although Nagley, the church's rector, said she wasn't heavily involved in the production process, a few of her parishioners took the garden from a notion in her mind through the first harvest.

"I'm more the tree-shaker than the jelly-maker," Nagley said.

It was no small task to turn the plot of sod and bad soil into a bountiful garden, the parishioners said.

"I have to tell you the truth," Bob Lewis said earlier this week, as he repaired a grass trimmer in the middle of a sweltering day. "It's a lot of work."

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