Tuesday, August 11, 2009

KENYA: Greed destroying the environment, church leaders say

From EpiscopalLife Online-

Protestant churches in Kenya are warning that greed is destroying the country's environment, bringing drought, famine, hunger, malnutrition and general scarcity.
"We are today reaping the fruits ... greed and imprudence sowed in the past," said the Rev. Peter Karanja, the National Council of Churches in Kenya's general secretary, on August 6. He urged citizens in the east African country to adopt tree planting as an act of religious and social restoration.

Karanja, an Anglican priest, announced the church council's commitment to planting one million trees each year as the Kenyan government unveiled a power rationing program for the forthcoming three months. The country, which relies on rivers to generate electric power, has also been rationing water due to falling volumes in dams. This, according to Karanja, has rendered many businesses useless.

"We are incensed ... this outcome is borne by the politicians and political appointees who, because of greed built on a culture of impunity, deliberately continue to destroy our country's environment by allocating themselves and their cronies land in our water towers," said Karanja.

Kenya's five water towers or reservoirs have been extensively affected by both illegal and legal human settlement. In recent days, churches have joined other groups demanding the government remove the settlers from these towers.

"The government must protect these water towers," Karanja said. "We challenge the government to put in place a comprehensive policy for the protection of the water towers and other wetlands, and implement it."

At same time, Kenya's newly elected Anglican Archbishop Eliud Wabukala, in an August 6 pastoral letter titled "Our Environment, said the Church," confessed that human beings had not always allowed the earth and its creatures to flourish.

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