Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Episcopalian leader hears tense crowd

From Albany-

Albany Episcopal Bishop William Love stood before 125 church members Tuesday night during an often tense give-and-take about the church's future.

"I realize emotions are high, feelings are high,'' said Love, standing at the edge of the altar in St. Paul's Church for nearly two hours.

The Episcopal Church is split by the ongoing debate over the ordination of gay and lesbians and the blessing of sex same unions.

"We are a divided church. There's no question we are a divided church,'' said Sheridan Biggs of St. Paul's Church in Schenectady, who indicated his uneasiness with the direction at the national level to support ordination and the blessing.

"What state we are in when we get through this, only God knows that,'' said Love, who is counted among the Episcopal Church's conservative bishops. He urged Biggs to stay in the church.

Members of Albany Via Media, a group of moderate to liberal Episcopalians, were in a distinct minority at the first of several regional meetings Love is holding to discuss the recent Episcopal General Convention.

Keith St. John, a local board member and Via Media USA liaison, questioned Love on what he's doing to hold the Episcopal Church together and said he was "bothered" by the bishop's references to the decision being "Satan driven."

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