Friday, September 11, 2009

Reverend revs up, rides out

From New Zealand-

A "silly random idea" from Oroua rural dean David van Oeveren gave six members of the congregation a day to remember.

Looking for a way to mark Father's Day for all the fathers who attended St John's church in Feilding last Sunday, Mr van Oeveren contacted his friend Andrew Hodgetts of ANZA motorcycles and asked if he would bring his Harley Davidson to church.

Funeral director Peter Beauchamp also took his bike along and they enlisted the help of several of their friends, who also own the big bikes.

The men who attended services on Father's Day were invited to put their names into a hat and names were drawn for rides on the bikes.

Ros and Tony Chapman also provided complimentary tickets for two men to join them in their corporate box at Manfeild that afternoon, for the final round of the United Travel Racing Winter Series.

"The men all had a great day, and I can't thank everyone enough for going along with my random idea," Mr van Oeveren said.

He was also treated to a ride on a Harley, but not until he had changed out of his robes.

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