Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bahati: The unlikely gay basher

From Uganda-

At the Imperial Hotel in Entebbe last month, MP David Bahati moved around the room handing out copies of his anti-gay bill to religious leaders of all the major faiths and denominations. Muslim imams in their embroidered skull caps, Anglican and Catholic priests in their collars were joined by Pentecostals, Seventh Day Adventists, Bahais and others at the gathering, a meeting of the Inter-religious Council of Uganda.

The event was only one of a number of appearances that the honourable member is making to get his controversial bill passed. “Through these people we will reach about 95% of the people who believe in God,” said Bahati.

The MP has also done at least a dozen interviews with international media and he plans to fly to the US and the UK to make his case this month. Here at home, he has spoken at Makerere University and other public venues; he also plans to go to over 20 secondary schools before the private member’s bill comes before parliament again. “We are working day and night to make sure that this bill gets passed,” he said.

No less than President Obama and his secretary of state Hilary Clinton have opposed the legislation; the delegation of the European Union has filed a formal protest against it; Rick Warren, a former ally of conservative pastors in Uganda, has spoken out against it; and it has received media attention from CNN, BBC and Time. Despite the criticism, Bahati steadfastly defends it. “In my heart I believe that we are doing the right thing,” he said.

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