Monday, January 11, 2010

Episcopal Church Bishop Impressed

From Philadelphia-

Following a short stay in the country, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Most Rev. Katherine Jefferts-Schori says she is deeply impressed by the endurance and persistence of Liberian people and also by the sense of hope of a stable future in which this land must become once again.The Episcopal Bishop told a news conference on Friday that Liberia has much to offer to the rest of the world and moreover, the rest of the world is looking up to Liberia for their partnership and hope for the establishment of a peaceful and a just society.

According to her, she had a wonderful talk with the Liberian Leader, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and they discussed about the need for development in Liberia, and the many challenges she has as a President. She said they also talked on the means in which the United States and other nations can be better partners in facilitating development in Liberia, particularly the means by which they could help Liberia build a society of justice and peace since one doesn't come without the other. Bishop Schori pointed out that there is a need for a greater transparency in the Liberian Government. She said following series of discussions with the President and others, she gathered that the biggest need the Episcopal Church may provide for the country is the assistance in training teachers rather than spending funds to pay teachers. She assured the country that they will bring in few experts and train teachers to better serve the country.

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