Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pasadena woman celebrates 106th birthday

From Pasadena-

Lydia Wilkins was the life of the party at her 106th birthday celebration.

Dozens of friends, family members and fellow church members gathered around her to celebrate Friday at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, where she has been an active member for decades.

"I feel great to have even lived this long," Wilkins said with a smile. The church celebrated her birthday Friday, although Wilkins turns 106 on Tuesday.

Wilkins' daughter, 76-year-old Marjorie Jones, said she and other family members were not surprised to see the energetic matriarch live well past 100.

"I call her the Energizer Bunny," she said.

When asked how she managed to live to 106, Wilkins said, "I have no secret."

Wilkins, who was born and raised in East Orange, N.J., moved to Pasadena with her late husband, William Wilkins, in the 1930s when he became a priest at the St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, family members said.

She previously studied education at Temple University in Philadelphia before working as a school teacher.

Wilkins' grandson, Wendell Jones, said his grandmother has seen a lot in her long lifetime.

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