Thursday, June 17, 2010

Communion Tensions Echo at Executive Council

From The Living Church-

The Episcopal Church’s Executive Council began its spring meeting on June 16 by focusing on the church as a missionary society fostering both national and international partnerships, even amid inter-Anglican tensions.

“We don’t have [missionary societies]; we are one,” Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori said in her opening address, echoing comments she made to the United Society of the Propagation of the Gospel in Swanwick, England, on June 9. She stressed the importance of the church’s work with Native Americans in the Navajoland Area Mission, with the “Haitian diaspora” of the Diocese of Haiti, and with Latinos.

Linda Watt, chief operating officer of the Episcopal Church, described a forthcoming church communications strategy designed to help identify what draws people — particularly mothers with young children, Latinos, and young adults — to the Episcopal Church. Ministry to Asian Americans, a November 2010 New Dawn conference designed to help Latinos “feel part of the mainstream of the Episcopal Church,” and a December 2010 leadership initiative for Sudanese members of the church are also crucial endeavors, she said.

House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson welcomed the Rev. Michael Pollesel, archdeacon in the Diocese of Ontario and General Secretary of the Anglican Church of Canada, to the council. Bishop Jefferts Schori delivered a plenary address to General Synod on June 8, asking that the two North American provinces deepen their partnership.

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