Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tom Ehrich: A wedding message to a son

From Illinois-

On Saturday, my oldest son and a fine young woman were scheduled to stand on a rooftop patio overlooking Bryant Park, surrounded by the glowing skyscrapers of midtown Manhattan, and exchange marriage vows.

I was to have the honor of officiating. I know to keep my homily short and light, assuming I can muster the composure to say anything at all when standing before my firstborn and his beloved.

Yet more needs to be said.

“I know this isn’t the venue for deep thoughts. But as you have discovered in your five years together, life takes us deep.

“There is nothing breezy about earning a living in the 21st century, working side by side in a startup venture, finding a place to live, forming a circle of friends in a bustling city, or making the daily decisions that are the stuff of life.

“There is nothing brief and light in merging two lives, two sets of dreams, two extended families and two distinct personalities.

“Your families will do anything for you. Friends have traveled across continents and oceans to stand here with you. But in the deep places, it is just the two of you.

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