Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vestry asks that Rev. Lewis' license be restored

From West Virginia-

The vestry of St. John's Episcopal Church in Charleston has asked the state's bishop to restore the license of West Virginia's best-known religious reform crusader, the Rev. Jim Lewis.

Senior Warden John Canfield notified church members Tuesday that several meetings were held between Lewis, Rector Susan Latimer of St. John's and Bishop Michie Klusmeyer. Latimer and Lewis reached an agreement on protocols of church procedure, and the vestry approved it Monday night.

"The vestry has now officially requested that Bishop Klusmeyer relicense the Rev. Jim Lewis within the Diocese of West Virginia," Canfield wrote.

Lewis has been a major activist for four decades. While he was rector of St. John's in the 1970s, he launched Manna Meal, which feeds the needy, and also helped create Covenant House to aid the homeless. He led opposition to Kanawha County's notorious 1974 fundamentalist uprising against "godless textbooks." He performed union ceremonies for gay couples.

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