Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lying nun begs on behalf of unholy rape clan

Now this is journalism!

She's no angel!

For a decade, Sister Milindia has tugged on heartstrings in Little Italy. Wearing a cross, veil and nun's black habit, she approaches strangers and asks for donations, saying she's an Episcopal sister raising money for an orphanage and the homeless.

Saturday, July 17, was typical for her. She spent the day hustling along Mulberry Street's busy pedestrian plaza, ducking into Italian restaurants and thrusting her metal cup at shoppers, diners and passers-by.

"Please give money for the children of St. Joseph's," she asked a reporter seated at an outdoor table at Giovanna's Ristorante.

Many did, and after five hours of begging, Sister Milindia called it quits.
At 6:30 p.m., she bought some bootleg DVDs outside a pharmacy and caught the Brooklyn-bound Q train at Canal Street.

During the ride, she tried peddling vials of perfume to a female straphanger, who turned her down.

She got off at Avenue J/Kings Highway, where, cigarette dangling from her lips, she disrobed on the street.

She pulled off her white coif, black veil and tunic-like habit to reveal a pink tank top. She put on brown shorts under her black skirt, which she peeled off, folded and stuffed into a plastic bag.
After buying a sandwich, canned pasta and a bottle of water, she took a bus to Linden Boulevard in East New York, lit another cigarette and rang the bell at 714 Jerome St., a rundown brick house with garbage strewn across its front yard.

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