Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Suffolk teenagers on 'life-changing' Tanzania trip

From The BBC

A team of young Christians from Suffolk will head out to rural Tanzania next year for a 22 day visit.

Youth worker Adrian Wolton says it will be a 'life changing' journey for the 10 teenagers who are chosen to go.

"To see someone living in poverty all of a sudden puts into perspective our own lives and troubles," he said.

"It's not to diminish anything we go through or feel, but to give young people the chance to think 'actually my life isn't that bad'."

The group will visit the diocese of Kagera in August 2011, with young people from churches across Suffolk being asked to apply for a place on the trip by 22 September 2010.
Giving young people a world view

"We live quite a closeted life," said Adrian.

"We read the news and see the TV, but actually going somewhere, having the experience of cross-cultural mission and seeing how other people live will hopefully see young people changing their world-view.

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