Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Which nonprofits in San Diego could lose tax-exempt status?

From San Diego-

Thousands of small, nonprofit organizations in San Diego County could lose their tax-exempt status because they haven't complied with new IRS rules.

But instead of automatically revoking their tax-exempt status, the IRS is giving those organizations until Oct. 15 to catch up under a one-time grace period.

An IRS list released Tuesday shows thousands of local organizations in jeopardy - including 1,280 in the city of San Diego alone - because they did not file tax returns for the past three years. They include the Africa AIDS Fund, the Centro Cultural Hispano, Dachsund Rescue of San Diego, the Polish-American Association of San Diego, the American Anglican Council of San Diego, the Community Actors Theatre and several American Legion Auxiliary groups. The list includes fraternal societies, faith-based organizations and veterans' groups; nonprofits that focus on culture and the arts; and special interests including blackjack and lawn bowling.

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