Thursday, December 30, 2010

Does conflict or inspiration lead 2010's religion news?

From USA Today-

Ultimately, Pope Benedict XVI beat Sarah Palin in a runoff vote Tuesday among Faith & Reason readers on who was the top "religion newsmaker" of the year. So what were the top religion stories of 2010 -- where faith, or people acting its name, made the headlines? Does coverage of conflict trump coverage of people inspired for good?

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These are questions I see I should have raised earlier. It could have explained how the first F&R quick poll results on Monday put Palin out front of a list of six names. Many see her as a person motivated by faith although her arena was politics (and reality TV).

Meanwhile Imam Abdul Feisal Rauf landed third on both votes by readers although his efforts to build an Islamic Center two blocks from Ground Zero was the clear winner with journalists from the Religion Newswriters Association -- and my vote, too.

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