Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lausanne 2010: Jesus Walked Among Us

From The Living Church-

Jesus showed up at the Third Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, which drew 5,000 invited participants in Cape Town in late October.

Jesus showed up on the platform. He was most obviously present as seven men and women from all continents expounded the word of God daily from Ephesians, a letter that declares God’s mission of cosmic reconciliation and the integration of all creation in Christ and calls us to live every dimension of life in that light, in obedience to him.

But Jesus was present too in the many other speakers, morning and evening, who challenged, informed, inspired, rebuked and amazed us all. Jesus was there as we rejoiced with those who rejoice in God’s mighty works around the world. Jesus was there as we wept (for we often did) with those who weep under the suffocating weight of persecution, the devastating loss of loved ones in the service of Christ, and the heartbreaking brutality endured by God’s people — children and women in slavery, the diseased, the disabled, the displaced. Yes, Jesus was there in our midst, speaking unforgettably through the many voices that addressed us.

Jesus showed up at the tables. Imagine all those people seated in groups of five or six around 750 tables in the vast auditorium — the same people meeting at the same table every day. It was a defining mark of the congress for many, as groups studied the Bible and prayed together, shared their lives, discussed every issue coming from the platform, grew in fellowship and love through the week — microcosms of the whole event. The presence of Jesus was almost tangible at times as the great ocean of table groups stood to pray, or sing, or repent, or embrace. Jesus is good at being with disciples round a table.

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