Sunday, December 26, 2010

The world thirsts for peace - Bishop Lungu

From Zimbabwe-

PEACE can only come when there is genuine reconciliation, says Bishop George Lungu.

Bishop Lungu, the Zambia Episcopal Conference president and Chipata Diocese head, said the world today thirsts for peace.

We need peace in our country; peace in our homes and peace in our communities, in our families, in our churches, in politics and peace in our hearts, said Bishop Lungu in his Christmas message on Thursday. When we reconcile with others we immediately experience peace in our hearts. It is this peace that we will bring to others in our families, homes, in our relationships, at our places of work and in our country.

He said people should be recipients of angelic blessing of peace by striving to be of goodwill towards others.

The heavenly choir together with the angel of God sang to the shepherd a hymn in praise of God and a wish of peace to people of goodwill. Why not be a recipient of this angelic blessing of peace by striving to be a person of goodwill towards others this Christmas, he said. Goodwill shown in the choice of words, actions and gestures we use in our homes, in our communities, at our places of work? I wish you all a Christmas celebration with Jesus. May Jesus and peace and reconciliation be born in our hearts and lives, that the world may believe that He, Jesus Christ, is our Saviour. He is the prince of peace and He is our salvation.

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