Friday, December 17, 2010

Vatican leak ‘must have been a joke’

From The Church Times-

DIPLOMATIC fears that the creation of the Ordinariate might lead to violence against Roman Catholics in the UK are “completely wrong” and a misreading of the situation, said one of the Bishops leaving the Church of England.

The WikiLeaks website published secret cables revealing details of a conversation between the British ambassador to the Vatican, Francis Campbell, and the United States’ deputy chief of mission to the Holy See, Julieta Valls Noyes.

The pair spoke after the Arch bishop of Canterbury met the Pope in November 2009 (News, 27 November 2009), after the Vatican’s surprise invitation to traditionalists to secede to the Roman Catholic Church while retaining their Anglican “patrimony”.

The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, the Rt Revd Andrew Burnham, announced last month that he was leaving the Church of England to join the Ordinariate, together with four other bishops. He said this week that he thought from the WikiLeaks disclosures that Mr Campbell was either joking or “he feared for a bigger reaction than was going to happen.”

The cables report Mr Campbell — a Roman Catholic who has been ambassador at the Vatican for five years — as saying: “The crisis is worrisome for England’s small, mostly Irish-origin, Catholic minority. There is still latent anti-Catholicism in some parts of England and it may not take much to set it off.” He allegedly warned: “The out come could be discrimination or in, isolated cases, even violence against this minority.”

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