Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bishops Help One Another Amid Floods

From The Living Church-

The Bishop of Atlanta has encouraged parishes to take collections for flood relief in the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian diocese is one of three dioceses in companion relationships with Atlanta.

Rio’s bishop, the Rt. Rev. Filadelfo Oliveira, participated in Atlanta’s annual council in 2008.

“The Diocese of Atlanta, together with other Anglican-Episcopal companions around the world, has been asked to provide whatever funds we can spare to assist with the relief efforts,” Bishop J. Neil Alexander wrote Jan. 18. “Many of you will remember Bishop Filadelfo from his visits to our diocese and address to Annual Council two years ago. A number of other friends from Rio de Janeiro have blessed us by their presence among us.”

The bishop asked that congregations within his diocese collect donations Jan. 23 or Jan. 30. The diocese also accepts donations through this webpage.

“As you all can see in the news, unusually heavy rain has been falling in Southeastern Brazil for days,” Bishop Oliveira wrote in an online statement Jan. 14. “The mountains in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro State have been affected by the worst rainstorms in their history. In cities such as Teresópolis, Petrópolis and Nova Friburgo, hundreds of people have instantly died due to mudslides that caused entire hills to collapse. It is by far considered the worst catastrophe in Brazilian history.”

Australians are dealing with a flooding crisis as well, and Anglican priests from New Zealand are preparing to offer on-site help.

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