Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Former Anglican Bishops Ordained into Catholic Church

From Christian Post-

Keith Newton, Andrew Burnham and John Broadhurst – all former Anglican bishops – were welcomed into the Roman Catholic Church during a ceremony at Westminster Cathedral in London.

The three left the Church of England – the mother church of the global Anglican Communion – because they were "distressed" by the developments in the communion which they found to be "incompatible" with Christian tradition.

They may be the first of at least 50 making the switch to Roman Catholicism.

The Vatican announced in 2009 that it would introduce a new church structure that would allow former Anglicans to enter "full communion" with the Catholic Church while preserving their Anglican traditions. Pope Benedict XVI made the provision in response to the numerous requests he received from Anglicans who were unhappy with the ordination of women and noncelibate gay bishops.

Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams – the spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion – has maintained that he does not view the new structure as "an aggressive act, meant to destabilize" the relations of the two global church bodies.

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