Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Episcopal Clergyman Supports Use of Condoms

From Liberia-

A visiting Episcopal prelate, the Rev. James Papile, has expressed support for the use of condom by Christians around the world.

Rev. Papile said he supports any means that prevents the loss of lives in the world at large.
“If using condoms helps save lives, my congregation must engage in such a practice for the welfare of the people.

“I preach the issue of faithfulness and commitment, but the minds of people are all not the same; so there is nothing wrong in advising the congregation to use condoms,” Rev. Papile intimated.
The Episcopal clergyman is visiting Liberia as guest of many Liberian Episcopalians who, residing in Reston, Virginia during the civil war, found St. Anne’s their spiritual home in the United States. He told our reporter that about 1,500 family heads resided in Reston during the war.

In an interview with the Daily Observer over the weekend, Rev. Papile said as condoms remain a life saving tool in the world, Christians must collectively help the society in every manner and form to save the children.

Also addressing the issue of gay-marriage in the church, the St. Anne’s Parish rector said once individuals have decided to come together in marriage there was no need to put them apart.
“I support gay-marriage as a person, and I believe that I don’t share this view with my entire
congregation,” Rev. Papile declared.

In a related development, the Episcopal clergyman urged the church and the Christian faith in general to be proactive and robust in the reformation process of its members.

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