Monday, February 28, 2011

Bombs explode in front of Marshfield church

From Massachusetts-

The Rev. Barbara Peterson was on her way home from Trinity Episcopal Church when she was surprised by a blinding light.

“It was an amazing white light,” the Rev. Peterson said.

She immediately dialed the police on her cell phone.

At the same time, police were fielding dozens of calls from residents saying their houses had been shaken by something, police Lt. Arthur Shaw said.

The cause of the disturbance early Saturday evening was two homemade bombs that exploded on the grass in front Trinity Episcopal at 229 Highland St.

There was an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting going on inside, and members quickly filtered out to join neighbors who left their homes to see what had happened.

Police arrived to secure the area, and determined there had been little damage, save a couple holes in the ground about as wide as a basketball, Shaw said.

After interviewing bystanders at the scene, police deemed it unlikely that someone was targeted, and Shaw said it was probably the act of Internet-educated pranksters.

Since the bombs were identified as improvised explosive devices, the State Police bomb squad was called in to gather evidence, which is still being analyzed, Shaw said.

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