Thursday, March 17, 2011

Anglican clergyman in church swap

From Reading England

A West Reading Anglican priest was among the first in the country to take his flock over to the Catholic church last week.

Father David Elliott has resigned his post at the Most Holy Trinity Church in Oxford Road and taken 15 fellow Anglicans from the church to form an ordinariate at St James’s Roman Catholic Church in Abbot’s Walk in the town centre.

The group became Catholics on Ash Wednesday last week.

They were among 30 groups across the country making the move following the decision last year by the Church of England General Synod to support the ordination of women bishops.

Father David explained the move was made possible by an apostolic order by Pope Benedict which allowed groups of Anglicans to convert together.

He said: “Obviously people have always been able to convert to become Roman Catholics as individuals but this allowed groups to move over together.”

Father David, 36, will train to become a Roman Catholic priest later this year.

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