Saturday, March 19, 2011

Springfield's new Episcopal bishop getting to work

From Springfield IL-

During his visits to various synods and meetings, the Rev. Daniel H. Martins has encountered lots of “gray hair and bald scalps.”

His first tonsorial experience in the capital city? When he introduced himself as the bishop-elect for the Springfield Episcopal Diocese, the person cutting Martins’ hair “asked if Episcopal was Christian.”

“Years ago, there were assumptions you had about baseline knowledge of Christianity,” Martins says. “People don’t know that anymore, particularly younger people.”

A sobering reality, Martins admits, but since the encounter, he’s used the hair-cutting incident as “my barometer, the way we need to reach people.

“There are going to have to be some radical changes in the concepts of the way we do church.”

Martins, who will be consecrated today as the diocese’s 11th bishop (see below for details), faces more than dwindling attendance and lighter collection plates.

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