Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tohoku bishop says Sendai-based diocese is suffering with the rest of Japan

From ENS-

Diocese of Tohoku Bishop John Hiromichi Kato has said in a pastoral letter that Japan was "simply not prepared for problems on this scale" in the aftermath of the March 11 magnitude-9 earthquake. In a pastoral letter, the bishop of the Sendai-based diocese said his people lacked food, gasoline, electricity, water and heat.

The text of his letter is here. Tohoku is part of the Nippon Sei Ko Kei (NSKK), the Anglican Church in Japan.
"What we are experiencing in our city does not compare to what we have seen in the media, particularly those areas directly impacted by the tsunami," he said.

The bishop included in his letter a summary of reported damage to diocesan churches and other institutions, as well as a list of church members who are dead or missing. He noted that diocesan staff have still not been able to visit all areas. There are 29 churches, chapels and missionary stations in the diocese, he said.

Christ Church Cathedral in Sendai is safe, but Eucharist was held in the parish hall on March 13 out of safety concerns, the bishop said.

"I mention all the suffering we are experiencing but there are many heart-warming stories too," Kato wrote. "For example, right after the quake traffic lights were not working but I did not observe any traffic chaos because people were driving very cautiously, taking particular care of the elderly."

The diocese has established a relief center, he said.

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