Monday, September 19, 2011

Anglican evictions turn nasty

From Zimbabwe-

Veronica Murombedzi sits aimlessly in the overcrowded kitchen and ponders her next move. Most of her family’s belongings, from kitchen utensils, sofas, bed, TV and radio sets are all crammed in the room, which also serves as a lounge and bedroom.

Some of her family’s property is lying in the yard since they moved into the house last week. “This house belongs to some late relatives of one of our parishioners,” Muro-mbedzi explains.

“She offered us accommodation here after we were thrown out of Daramombe Mission.“On the first day, we slept by the roadside, where the deputy sherrif dumped us.”

Veronica is the wife of Father Muyengwa Murombedzi, the Anglican priest who was recently evicted from Daramombe Mission in Chivhu by Nolbert Kunonga.

Kunonga is the ex-communicated bishop of the Church of the Province of Central Africa (CPCA)’s Harare Diocese, who now runs a rival church, the Anglican Church Province of Zimbabwe.

Daramombe Secondary School headmaster, Denford Javangwe, Daramombe Primary School head and senior nursing staff were also evicted as Kunonga upped his stakes in the property wrangle between himself and the CPCA.

“We believe that everything happens for a reason,” Veronica said last week. “Our parishioners still want us to work with them, so even if we were to stay in the open for us to be there for them, we were going to do that.

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