Saturday, September 24, 2011

Calgarians invited to church as part of global campaign

From Canada-

Several Christian churches in Calgary are participating Sunday in the Back to Church Sunday campaign - a global movement which started a few years ago in England.

One of them is Hope Lutheran Church.

"We recognize that crossing the threshold into a church, if you don't know anyone inside, can be a bit intimidating and often times our own stories of faith were about coming with someone we knew whether it was our parents or a friend that invited us," says Pastor Daranne Harris.

"So that personal connection with people we think is a great way to introduce people to what goes on in a church and how people's faith life connects with attendance in a congregation."

She says the initiative was initially aimed at people who have drifted away from the church but anyone can be invited and all are welcome.

Hope Lutheran has encouraged each member to invite one person to come with them to worship and/ or engage in a service project. "For us, worship is about encountering God," says Harris. "We hear of God's love for and enduring commitment to humankind and creation in song, liturgy, scripture and sermon proclamation."

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