Monday, September 19, 2011

Bishops, spouses hold prayer service at the Colombia-Ecuador border

From ENS-

Vehicle and foot traffic flows uninterrupted on the bridge separating Colombia and Ecuador at Tulcán, a border town where annually thousands of Colombians cross over, seeking refuge from violence and persecution. The national police are present on both sides, but no one is stopped, no questions asked, no identification is required to enter.

Some of the bishops and spouses who made the long trip through the Andes made a similar trip to the Arizona/Mexico border in advance of the House of Bishops fall meeting in Phoenix in September 2010, just after the Arizona legislature passed what was then the strictest immigration law passed in the United States (Alabama has since passed an even stricter law aimed at curbing undocumented immigration).

On Sept. 17, a group of Episcopal Church bishops and spouses rode in a bus for four and a half hours one way from Quito, the capital of Ecuador, to Tulcán, one of its most popular border towns, to hold a noonday prayer service on the bridge in honor of the thousands of Colombians who each year cross over in search of refuge and a new life.

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