Saturday, April 7, 2012

Anglican bishops call for fairness in pipeline environmental hearings

From Canada-

Six Anglican bishops from across British Columbia and Yukon came together on Good Friday in a call for the environ-mental review hearings on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to remain fair and free from political pressure.

"There's some concern that the decision's already been made and that the review process is just a rubber stamp," said Bishop Michael Ingham, of the Diocese of New West-minster. "I think what we're trying to do is call upon the panel itself to resist pressure - political pressure, industry pressure - and to come to a fair, balanced and thorough set of recommendations."

Ingham signed the statement, which he said was prompted by bishops being inundated with concern for the process from members of their dioceses.

"We're not directing this at any one group - except the panel itself," Ingham said. "We hope they might receive it as a supportive thing, to maintain their independence and, there-fore, credibility."

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