Thursday, April 5, 2012

Connecticut Senate votes to repeal state's death penalty

From Conn.-

Despite public support for the death penalty, Connecticut may become the next state to abolish capital punishment. The state's Senate approved a bill to repeal the death penalty early Thursday.

Legislative action was delayed last year amid the high-profile prosecution of a death penalty case involving a brutal home invasion that left a mother and her two daughters dead. The Senate voted 20-16 to approve legislation that would replace the death penalty with life without parole, Reuters reported.

"In the state of Connecticut, the death penalty is randomly applied," Senate President Donald E. Williams, Jr., a Democrat, told ahead of the vote. "Police chiefs in recent surveys across the country have said that it's the least effective tool to deter violent crime and it's applied in a discriminatory way, whether it’s racially, economically or geographically.”

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