Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Anglican Converts Again Among Those to be Received into the Catholic Church in England and Wales

From Catholic Online-

If the numbers are correct, it looks like a large number of men and women will be received during the Easter Vigil as communicants of the Catholic Church in England and Wales.

More than 3,600 people took part in the Rite of Election that leads to the final steps toward reception at the Easter Vigil; this number does not represent all those who will be received. This year, the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham is expecting around 200 lay people and 20 clergy to come into full communion from the Anglican world.

Many of those coming in are doing so as individuals but in groups. According to the London Telegraph, one of those groups is made up of the priest and 58 lay people from St. James the Great parish in Darlington, who will be received just down the road at St. Anne's Catholic Church.

An additional 20 from St. James are also being received but will not become a part of the Ordinariate at this time. There are approximately 50 people staying with the Anglican parish.

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