Saturday, November 9, 2013

Did A Supreme Court Justice Just Admit To Being An Atheist?

From Huffington-

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in a case about the constitutionality of a New York town's practice of beginning local legislative meetings with mostly Christian prayers.

During one exchange, Justice Antonin Scalia pressed a lawyer for the town of Greece -- which is arguing that a court of appeals erred in ruling that the prayers violated the establishment clause of the Constitution -- on the equivalent of prayer for nonbelievers.

"What is the equivalent of prayer for somebody who is not religious?" asked Scalia, a devout Catholic.

The lawyer, Thomas Hungar, had trouble pinning down an answer, which eventually led Justice Stephen Breyer to interject with a remark that is being seen by atheist and non-theist advocates as a possible admission that he may share their views on religion.

"Perhaps he’s asking me that question and I can answer it later," Breyer said, seemingly suggesting that Scalia had directed the question about nonreligious prayer to him.

While Breyer -- thought of as the most conservative of the liberal-leaning judges -- grew up in a Jewish household, his family did not observe the faith strictly. His daughter, Chloe Breyer, is an Episcopal priest.

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