Friday, November 8, 2013

Hundreds fill a Fresno church to remember Bishop John-David Schofield

From California-

Nearly 1,000 people filled a Northwest Fresno church Thursday to celebrate the life of a well-known religious leader. Bishop John-David Schofield may best be remembered for splitting apart the Episcopal Church.

Parishioners and clergy from different denominations joined together in faith and in honor of the Retired Bishop John-David Schofield.

The 75-year-old's reach was one that spanned across church lines and many in the Valley say his loss is quite a void.

Bishop Eric Menees described how it feels to fill such a man's shoes in the Diocese of San Joaquin. He said he took the succession "with fear and trembling to be sure."

Bishop Eric Menees delivered the sermon at Schofield's celebration of life and described the funeral as a day that is "awesome and tragic."

At the same time Menees said, "Oh he had such a sense of humor and a joy in life, he would laugh the deep laugh that just made you feel good."

The retired Anglican Bishop is often remembered for leading the Episcopal Church split, separating the church over the defense of traditional marriage.

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