Friday, November 8, 2013

Welby tells of longing for church unity

From Church Times-

THE Archbishop of Canterbury has called on the international Church to renew its "commitment to the ecumenical journey" at the tenth Assembly of the World Council of Churches (WCC) at Busan, in South Korea.

Archbishop Welby spoke of his "tiny place among God's great Church", but said that his presence at the assembly in Busan was a sign of how important the fellowship was to Anglicans.

"We cannot be satisfied while there is a lack of visible unity," he said. "If we are satisfied, we defy the great high-priestly prayer of Christ himself."

Christians must seek peace and reconciliation, Archbishop Welby said - first between themselves and God, and then in unity with each other.

"We are to be one because we are more effective together than apart," he said. "We are to be one - one people worshipping one God, eating and drinking round the one table of the Lord; for that is Jesus's prayer for his disciples, then and for us now."

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