Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bishops back Church of England breakaway congregations

From The Telegraph-

Bishops and archbishops claiming to represent 40 million Anglicans around the world have publicly endorsed a new breakaway network of churches set up outside the Church of England amid disputes over issues such as homosexuality.

Leaders from some of the largest branches in the Anglican Communion in Africa and the Americas hailed the emerging new evangelical grouping in England as they condemned what they called a “drift” from “the Biblical faith” within the Church of England.

They likened the emergence of the new grouping to the ministry of John Wesley in the 18th Century which led to the creation of a separate Methodist Church.

They also condemned the recent use of a Church of England church in London for a Muslim prayer service as a betrayal of Christianity and a blow to Christians experiencing persecution in many parts of the world.

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Leonardo Ricardo said...

These drifting fellas, and they are mostly men, have a record of destruction, attempted property theft and the demeaning of fellow Anglicans throughout the Anglican Communion. Their very loud and mostly self-praise ought tell EVERYONE exactly what their truth represents...greed, fear, loathing of others, vertical corruption and hatemongering are not Anglican/other virtues EVEN if they think they represent a extra-holy slice of emotionally/spiritually challenged flock in their home provinces. Marginalizing, demeaning and outcasting LGBTI Anglicans in Nigeria/Uganda/Kenya etc is NOT even slightly's the junk that terror is made of. These fellas are dangerous human beings, religious or not!