Friday, April 17, 2015

Presbyterian Church: Evangelicals suddenly on the wrong side in gay marriage debate

From Central Pennsylvania-

Across Christian denominations, the debate over gay marriage has fundamentally pitted the views of socially progressive - if not radical - congregants and church leaders who are in favor of gay marriage against that of the conservative, evangelical sector that subscribes to a traditional and biblical definition of marriage.

For the most part, proponents of gay marriage have been on the outs - at times waging tough battles that tear churches apart and put their ordination on the line.

In the Presbyterian Church (USA), the tables seemed to have turned. Increasingly, the conservative, evangelical members of the 1.8-million-member mainline Protestant denomination are finding themselves at odds with socially progressive congregations and leadership that seem to have moved in line with the secular world.

Across the country, conservative, evangelical pastors who over the past year have taken a stand against the Presbyterian Church's ratification of gay marriage are finding themselves forced out the door.

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