Sunday, April 12, 2015

St. Thomas, the doubting disciple

From Central PA-

I’m sure I can speak for my ecumenical colleagues when I say that this has been a quieter week. These seven days after Easter are — for clergy — a chance for rest, retreat and respite — in theory at least. After a busy week of waving palms, washing feet, gazing at crucifixes and proclaiming Christ’s resurrection with fire and water, it’s time to stop and breathe.

For this priest, it has been business as usual. The ministry of the church never pauses, let alone stops, whatever the season or occasion. Yet life “on the other side” of Lent is different. Bad habits (perhaps) resume, and the air feels light and easy. Easter has been celebrated once again — Jesus Christ is risen from the dead — and the church proclaims the Gospel of joy and new life.

But while it feels time to take a break, this is, in fact, where our real work begins — sharing the news of Christ’s resurrection. And this means proclaiming peace to the broken-hearted, liberation to those in bondage and forgiveness to all crippled by their sins.

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