Friday, May 29, 2015

An Appreciation of a Memorial to the Church

From The Episcopal Herald-

In 2012, a group of General Convention Convention deputies, bishops, and others, gathered to reflect on the time in which the Episcopal Church finds itself and to advocate for an unsentimental, forward-looking approach to restructuring the church for mission in the 21st century. This group proclaimed that the Episcopal Church now finds itself in an “Acts 8 Moment”, a moment filled with both potential for renewal and urgency. Since 2012, it has continued to foster a broader conversation about the mission and future of the Church at and the blogs of its organizers.

On Ascension Day, this group published a Memorial, a letter to the Church, and a package of resolutions that share the same spirit of the TREC proposals, but go far beyond TREC’s proposed resolutions. One can find both the Memorial to the Church and the proposed resolutions at

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