Friday, May 29, 2015

The Truth of the Gospel, the Gospel of 'Truthiness' and the Future of the Anglican Communion

From Australia-

The Anglican video journalist Kevin Kallsen, together with George Congar (an Episcopal priest from Florida) post a weekly video-blog called Anglicans Unscripted. The programme focuses on specific issues emerging in the Episcopal Church or elsewhere in the Anglican Communion, about which Kallsen and Congar offer their opinions. On occasion, however, they display a tendency to cross the line, not only between journalism and advocacy, but also between truth and truthiness.

Consider, for example, their coverage of the Archbishop of Canterbury's visit to the second Global Anglican Future's Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in October 2103. Archbishop Justin Welby had been in his post for less than a year, and it was clear that his visit to this conference hosted by the leaders of the Anglican churches of the Global South would be complicated, possibly even contentious.

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