Thursday, May 28, 2015

St. James congregation begins search for new home

From Los Angeles-

When Bill Kroener relocated with his wife from the East Coast to Newport Beach in 2006 he had no desire to join the Anglican parish housed in a church named St. James.

As an Episcopalian, he wasn't particularly interested in the Anglican denomination, he said. However, when the church transitioned back to its Episcopal roots in 2014, he and his wife, along with their children and grandchildren, were inspired to attend services at the house of worship on Via Lido.

"It's become a very important part of our lives," he said.

Now, after spending a year at St. James the Great Episcopal Church, Kroener, along with three other parishioners, have been tasked with finding a new location for their congregation to worship.

Bishop J. Jon Bruno, of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, announced during a service earlier this month that the church is being sold to a developer. The church, at 3209 Via Lido, is in escrow to be sold to Legacy Partners for about $15 million — double the assessed value of the site, the diocese confirmed.

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