Friday, June 5, 2015

Ex-Episcopal Bishop's DUI Trial Postponed Until September

From Baltimore-

A judge on Thursday postponed the trial of a former Episcopal bishop charged in the drunken-driving death of a bicyclist to give attorneys more time to work on a plea deal.

Heather Cook's trial was scheduled to start Thursday, but Baltimore Circuit Court Judge Wanda Heard granted her attorney's request for a postponement after Cook waived her right to a speedy trial. The trial is now set for Sept. 9.

David Irwin, Cook's lawyer, told reporters he was in the "earliest of plea considerations'' and has spoken "very, very briefly'' with prosecutors.

"We would hope that we could resolve the case without trial for everybody's sake, most importantly the Palermo family's sake,'' Irwin said, referring to the family of victim Tom Palermo. "To go through the trauma of a trial, my client certainly doesn't want to have to put them through that.''

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